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The price comparison epidemic is growing faster than the get viagra nation’s waistline and cialis sale'>cialis sale neither is very pleasant to watch. We’re always suspicious when we here the phrase “independent price checker” when in the terms and conditions of each website you see that they are created and run by an insurance company themselves. We’re also fed up of the phrase “cheaper car insurance” because when something is stripped down to the bare bones then it’s not really cheaper, that’s just how much that particular cover is worth anyway — a bargain is wow look it overnight viagra when you get what you want at a lesser price than you would normally pay. So, we don’t match prices, we don’t have comparison tables, we don’t list 600+ insurers (can you even name 60?) and we don’t broker deals. The result? We compare them not on their pricing, but on what you, the consumer, actually think of the policies being offered and whether the prices of those policies reflect a bargain.

We use tracking software to monitor our users reactions to the insurers they see on www.100krefresh.com this site and what they think of the price and policy offered by each insurer listed on our site. There is no point telling you the cheapest insurer if none of you are impressed with the ampia.org level of http://juliangilbert.com/viagra-overnight-delivery cover and don’t want to http://pilibbarun.com/generic-viagra buy the insurance, is there? On our site the insurers are ranked by the popularity of their policies. It’s not 100% accurate but if you’re just a tight-fisted old meany, then the insurers that offer no-frills insurance are clearly marked too … but don’t come crying to us if you’re left standing by a roadside in Wales 400 miles from home in the rain with a huge excess bill after a rear end collision (true story!). You can read some more detailed information on each insurer in our article sections but make sure and stpatricksdayparade.org check out the terms and conditions of this site too.


With video sites fast becoming the most popular portals for people to access their web interests, NCD News took a leap and started producing video versions of our most popular news stories in late 2008. Seems that dogs falling off skateboards will always appeal to more people than financial news but we’re not going to give up just yet!


But it’s not like there is a lack of news websites available to the UK consumer these days. Even the buy viagra in new zealand'>buy viagra in new zealand number of niche news sites that target financial issues across Britain and the Globe seems to professional viagra online'>professional viagra online be increasing daily. The difference with NCD News is that we don’t try to cover every story. Not every story will give you information that is actually important or helpful in your daily insurance-making decisions.

We will cover stories about insurers facing financial difficulties or those that may be raising their premiums in the near future. We won’t generally cover stories about insurers moving premises or redecorating their offices. We will cover scandals where insurers seem to be conning people out of money. We won’t generally cover scandals where celebrities have got drunk and have to claim off their insurance.

Each news story will be something we would want to hear about if we had an insurance policy of that type or with that company … even the really boring and stat-packed articles! Sometimes we’ll throw in a general interest or humourous story but that’s mainly to help us keep our own sanity …