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As a worldwide financial lender, pharmacy the move for American Express into travel insurance seems only logical – the move into home and cialis dosage'>cialis dosage car insurances maybe not so much but let’s wait and see what happens there. Amex’s travel insurance is certainly far clearer than most insurers with only three types of insurance available. For example: single trip for individuals and families wishing to travel for business and/or leisure including cover for medical treatment, medical baggage loss or damage and cancellations whilst travelling in the UK, prostate Europe or Worldwide.

At the time we checked, AmericanExpress’s travel insurance policies could be taken out by anyone up to the age of 70 with that increasing to 79 for some parts of usefull link cialis order the world. There were also three types of annual cover – essential, select and prestige – with varying age limits, monetary cover limits and parts of the world that it insures. Lastly there was gap cover for individuals or families wishing to stay abroad for longer periods of time with plans for various time periods that can be bought on a Worldwide or European basis allowing a stop off back in the UK if needed.

Having just the three plans lends simplicity to the quote process and you can add extras that other firms would tend to offer as specialist cover packages such as winter sports for those who require cover for both on and buy kamagra'>buy kamagra off piste skiing, ski equipment and piste closure or more dangerous sports activities such as bungee jumping, rock climbing and white-water canoeing.

Naturally, we would always expect them to offer golf cover for equipment, loss of green fees due to cialis usa'>cialis usa illness or injury – and they might just cover the cost of buying the round of drinks after shooting a hole-in-one if you ask nicely! They certainly know their customer based …

Discounts from American Expres are generally available as with all insurers, but for some reason, this company is a bit more secretive as to how much you can save. You can get a discount if you hold a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and there is an extra discount for buying online but this site tends to use as much of the page as possible and the print isn’t always huge, so pay attention and always compare.

Unlike the Amex Travel Insurance staple, AmericanExpress home and motor insurance offerings are a strange beast. Originally just a resell of RBS insurance products (the people that bring you Direct Line and Churchill) but now just a mysterious message about a forthcoming launch. Perhaps our fortune telling about them needing to build on their own brand whilst British banks lose trust over here is finally coming to pass.

To be honest, we have always been surprised at the continued popularity of levitra dose'>levitra dose this brand considering the downturn in America’s popularity amongst the UK media in recent years. Obviously a testament to their products and services as many other exports from America aren’t doing so well – either that or a choice between an American product or a British Financial product is look here buying viagra online simply six and half a dozen.

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2 Responses to American Express Insurance Services

  1. Sarah Roberts says:

    American Express search around a few insurance companies so they reckon they get you the best quote. I personally found them to be quite expensive, but I did trail round a lot of sites! Some of the form was bit tricky, like where it asked you to type a single word to describe your occupation but then made you choose from a list anyway. Most of the rest of the form was quite standard though, which means that it took a while to complete but was mostly necessary information. It was quite helpful that it told you exactly what you would need to hand to complete the form though, even though I was a bit of an expert by the time I got to this site!

  2. Willie says:

    Articles like these put the consumer in the driver seat— are very important.

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