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According to new research from Churchill Car Insurance, East Anglia is the number one area in the UK for windscreen damage claims. Drivers in the region are most likely to suffer chipped or cracked windscreens, side mirrors and generic viagra canada sunroofs. The South was the second most popular place for claims with London in third place. Central and the South West were in fourth and fifth place. In all these areas car insurance policyholders make a large number of claims. The list was based on Churchill’s claim damage data from January 2007 to January this year.

In East Anglia’s case Churchill says the reason is simple: an unusually high proportion of Suffolk and Norfolk is made up of farmland, with arable farming a mainstay of the area’s economy. All of the regions listed have a number of busy roads and/or motorways running close to land used for arable farming. The heavy machinery needed for this type of cialis order farming creates debris on the cialis discounts roads. This debris is then flicked up by the traffic, often chipping and cracking the windscreens of passing motorists.

Churchill’s spokeswoman Claire Foster urges drivers whose vehicles have sustained damage not to ignore the problem. If the damage isn’t repaired they could be in danger of driving with impaired vision, increasing their risk of having an accident. Repairing a chipped windscreen may seem like an unnecessary expense but in fact it is an essential element of properly operating a car – if it’s big enough, you won’t get through an MOT either.

Instead of leaving a chipped or cracked windscreen, motorists should inform their insurer of the damage as soon as possible. One reason motorists often choose to ignore the problem is because they think if they make a claim they will lose their no claims discount. In fact under many insurance policies windscreen repairs have no effect on such discounts.

Churchill’s comprehensive car insurance, for instance, includes cover for windscreen damage as well as damage to your car as a result of cheap levitra soft'>cheap levitra soft accident, fire and theft.

There’s more good news too. The AA says in most cases damage of up to 40mm across can be repaired without having to replace the windscreen. Even if the damaged glass is directly in front of the driver, up to 10mm can be patched up without having to fit a whole new windscreen panel. You will find many insurers that will not even charge an excess should the windscreen be repaired rather than replaced.

Therefore, if you get a crack or a chip in your windscreen the it's cool can i order viagra online last thing you should do is ignore it – however small it is. Instead let your insurer know as soon as you can. The chances are you won’t even lose your no claims discount and, perhaps even more importantly, once your windscreen is repaired you’ll have a clear view of the road!

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