Compensation Claims

Though this compensation claim inquiry form is a new addition to our insurance website, the same people that have been bringing you this insurer popularity ranking directory have been working alongside the claim industry for more than 10 years.

No funky "EZComp4U" brand names here, we have partnered with National Accident Helpline and viagra lowest price'>viagra lowest price other household names across Scotland, England and Wales to ensure that you get fair treatment including no win, no fee arrangements and 100% of your compensation.

No Win No Fee

National Accident Helpline

100% Compensation

Digby Brown

Accident Compensation Claims

We do not process claims, your details are forwarded to a company stating experience in your type of claim. When you submit the form you should be told instantly where your submission has gone so you can contact that company with any follow up information or queries. For full terms and conditions please see our site terms† as well as the individual terms for the claim form.

You should be aware that most companies advertising no win, no fee and 100% compensation are only talking about road accidents such as compensation for whiplash, an injury at work or other similar incident where insurance is in place to be sued for the injuries sustained. Not all companies, therefore, will help you with non-insurance based claiming. For example, criminal compensation where you have been the victim of a violent crime requires being compensated by the buy levitra uk'>buy levitra uk CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority) and those who have been in a car crash with an uninsured driver will be claiming from the MIB (Motor Insurers Bureau). Medical negligence requires compensatory obligations from the NHS where there is no private insurer to pursue and these cases are generally rejected by most solicitors though there are several specialists, so don’t take the first 2 rejections as always meaning you have no case.

You have to bring your case within a specific time and this varies from claim to viagra super active claim so you need to discover your timescale as quickly as possible to avoid missing the deadline. If your case is 2-3 years old it is therefore quite urgent to get things moving so telephoning a solicitor immediately rather than waiting for a response from online forms may be advisable.