Did you forget to renew your driving license last year? 26% of the levitra for sale UK facing fines

It has been ten years since the new style photocard drivers licenses were first introduced in this country. They were introduced in a bid to cut down on http://prewarblues.org/buy-viagra-new-york drivers licenses being used fraudulently and generic cialis online to bring the UK in line with the rest of Europe. While they seemed like a good idea – did you know you would need to get it renewed every ten years? Well, you are not the only one!

With the first decade having been reached in July last year, it has become evident that not enough people are aware of the need to renew the license. The DVLA have said that of the 173,867 drivers who need to renew, only 128,987 have done so. Leaving 44,880 in a potentially illegal position and with the possibility of a 1000 fine.

The DVLA have sent out reminders to those who are required to soft levitra'>soft levitra renew, but have failed to publicise the biofuelwatch.org.uk fact. This means that those people with incorrect address details may never find out until the penalty fee comes through the post. This has been seen by some as a way for the Government to make more money from drivers, by being able to fine them. Certainly they throw up television adverts for everything else.

The confusion has arisen due to the card having the expiry date “encoded” in small letters amongst a list of information and without stating it is indeed an expiry date, until you turn the card over to read the buy cialis in europe'>buy cialis in europe “notes”. The card also carries another “to” date which expires on the drivers 70th birthday. As the previous paper drivers licenses were valid until the driver turned 70, many people do believe this photocard will be the same.

It is not just the DVLA who might fine you for not renewing, your insurer may also take a dim view. You will effectively be driving without a valid license and may not be fully covered. The AA have pointed out however, that drivers will most likely only be covered for third party claims.

The DVLA stands to make more than 20 million per year from the renewals at 17.50 each, though if you change your address details it is free. Some people have claimed this is a stealth tax. For the relatively simple process of www.ivs.org replacing a photo it has been seen as being over the odds. Of course this is not the only cost, as providing the the best site cialis doses photo will incur a small charge with most photo booths at 4 or more. In addition, you would need to send it via recorded delivery to kildarelocalhistory.ie ensure you have proof of it arriving – another pound.

The treasury can expect an estimated 437 million over the next 25 years to come from these renewals. The AA have called for the government to offset the the renewal charge using 450 million from traffic enforcement fees. This would also encourage motorists to believe that the the enforcement charges were being used in a positive way.

The DVLA have stated that the cards need to be updated to prevent fraud, impersonation and stopping disqualified drivers using the roads. They say that people’s faces do the best place cheap generic cialis change over a ten year period and that this policy is in line with passports.

The DVLA have been unable to say if people were adequately warned of the need to renew when they first took up the photocard and this has riled some commentators.

NCD News asked some members of the public if they were aware of the need to renew. None did, and most required us to point out the expiry date on their license before believing what they were being told.

If drivers still have their paper licenses and http://www.wresources.co.uk/cialis-online have not moved addresses during the last ten years, then they are not obliged to http://aiesep.org/buy-viagra-in-canada renew at all. For some this seems to make a mockery of the whole system. If it were simply for fraud prevention then surely all licenses should come under the it's cool cheap levitra pills same ten year renewal system and photocard licenses would be enforced for all?

Drivers in this country do tend to feel hard done by when it comes to paying for the privilege of driving. Despite paying fuel tax, road tax, insurance and VAT on their cars, it does seem that yet another compulsory “tax” is being imposed. While those drivers who are law abiding will pay begrudgingly, those who choose to drive illegally anyway, will once again get away with paying nothing and the courts will be unlikely to penalise them efficiently.

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