Drink Driving & Car Insurance

If you’re a convicted drink driver you face a less than Merry Christmas this year, with new research showing that you will struggle to buy cheap cialis online'>buy cheap cialis online find an insurer prepared to offer you a quote. And even if you do find an insurance company ready to take you on, you could find yourself facing a staggering 82% average increase in your premiums.

According to data compiled by moneysupermarket.com premiums could go up by over 100% in some cases.

Several well-known insurers such as Sheilas’ Wheels, esure and http://fecledmi.org/cialis-online-without-prescription Halifax will not even quote cover to convicted drink drivers. Other insurance companies such as LV= and More Th>n refuse to insure drivers who have been banned from driving for 12 months at any time during the previous five years.

And all this is in addition to the financial penalties imposed by the www.ardinova.com courts, which could see you face a fine of up to 5,000 if convicted. Just take a look at what courts say is at stake:

Conviction Maximum penalty
Causing death by careless driving under the influence of drink 10 years’ in jail, minimum 2 year driving ban, + an extended test
Driving or attempting to buy pfizer levitra online'>buy pfizer levitra online drive while over the limit or unfit to drive through drink 6 months in jail, + 5,000 fine + a minimum 12 month driving ban (3 years if you’re convicted twice within 10 years)
In charge of getting cialis'>getting cialis a vehicle while over the limit or unfit to drive through drink 3 month custodial sentence + 2,500 fine + driving ban
Refusing to provide a specimen 6 months behind bars + 5,000 fine + 12 month driving ban (minimum)

If you are hit with a driving ban of 2 years or more you will almost certainly lose your No Claims Discount. The majority of insurers will not honour NCDs if you have not had insurance for over two years regardless of any convictions. And remember, you don’t actually have to be involved in an accident or even driving your vehicle to be convicted and disqualified.

Plus, you will find it almost impossible to rent a car for up to a decade afterwards and you may also have legal expenses to pay.

Another factor to viagra side effects'>viagra side effects consider is loss of livelihood. How would you cope if you couldn’t use your car for work? Could you lose your job as well as your licence? And that’s aside from the social and personal disruption a conviction is likely to cause. What about the school run? Going on http://www.fgedu.com/viagra-jelly holiday? Doing the weekly shop?

But of course the burden is not just financial; it is buying cialis online much heavier than that. It’s estimated that 3,500 people are killed or seriously injured in accidents involving drink drivers every year. Not only are you risking your own life but the generic viagra pill'>generic viagra pill lives of others too.

Don Shenker, Chief Executive of generic viagra cheap'>generic viagra cheap Alcohol Concern, national alcohol misuse charity, told us: “There is no safe alcohol limit for driving as statistics show, but reducing alcohol limit from 80 to 50 mg per 100 ml could help cut the number of deaths and injuries on the road quite significantly. Other measures could include more stringent measures for high risk offenders and introducing a zero limit for younger drivers. More random breath testing and greater publicity of penalties will help to convince those who are determined to take the risk that there is a realistic likelihood of being caught.”

The problem is that, when sober, these figures and http://designbridge.org/wp/how-to-buy-viagra deterrents sink in quite well with most people vowing never to drink and drive. When someone has actually had a few pints, it takes a lot more to convince them they are actually unfit to drive at that point.

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