Drink Driving

Planning a road trip in Europe? Insurance issues are not the only things you need to check on before you go, you should also become aware of the drunk driving restrictions of the countries you are passing through.

The law measures drunkenness as Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) expressed as a percentage. Britain’s BAC limit is 0.08% – above that, you are breaking the law. Complicating matters is the visit our site cialis daily fact that BAC is notoriously difficult individuals to estimate themselves as it can vary significantly according to body weight, gender and http://www.digitaltactics.co.uk/get-cialis-online other factors. An average male may very well be still under 0.08% after two drinks, whereas a petite woman probably will not be.

If you believe the UK limit is strict, it doesn’t get any lighter in Europe. In a brief survey, we could find no European country with a more lenient limit than Britain. In the following countries you should stick to soft drinks – they all have zero level of order viagra online canada BAC for drivers: the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia. Sweden, Poland, Latvia and Lithua’s levels are so low a shandy could put you in the danger zone. A BAC limit of 0.05% applies in many popular destinations such as Belgium, Denmark (who also push imprisonment if over 0.08%), the Netherlands, France and Greece. You could probably get away with one drink there if you are desparate to link for you cialis doses drink and drive.

In Germany the limit varies depending on http://www.rqhr-rps.ca/cialis-price the reason you are being tested with a limit of 0.03% if you commit an offence or are in an accident, but 0.05% if you’re just caught in a check. Many countries have lower limits for younger drivers and commercial drivers which is strange because if you are in either of those categories you should really be avoiding the combination of alcohol and driving.

How about your driving insurance? Always check before you go. Here are some points to keep in mind:

◊ your UK comprehensive policy may be valid in Europe, but some insurers cut the benefits for claims sustained in Europe. Read your policy wording. In some cases, you can pay a supplemental premium to upgrade your policy to full benefits for a defined European trip. The supplementals can be as low as 20 which is well worth it when you consider what a serious car accident might cost you.

◊ UK breakdown cover rarely includes Europe without being specifically mentioned when you bought the cheap cialis with fast delivery'>cheap cialis with fast delivery cover. Look for a provider that offers English-speaking response staff in emergencies – it’s very difficult to explain where you’re stranded to someone who doesn’t understand you.

◊ You probably already know that car hire firms love to trade on your apprehension about incurring unexpected costs in a foreign country and are therefore eager to viagra sales sell you insurance. You know it’s probably over-priced but you don’t know what else to do. One thing to consider is http://tillamookcountyarts.org/buy-viagra-on-line buying insurance at home to cover the excesses and viagra online us]non generic viagra'>viagra online us]non generic viagra waivers on typical car-hire policies. To cover 500’s worth of excess/waiver charges, Insurance4carhire.com has an annual European policy for 49, while Worldwideinsure.com offers a daily rate of 1.90 to EU drivers.

Notes on drink driving: Wikipedia has a comprehensive weight/gender BAC chart, while the Oklahoma University’s (USA) police training department’s website debunks some of the myths about how to beat the system – see OU.edu

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