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Internet only insurers have generally stuck to offering car insurance as that is where people are looking for the most savings and usefull link natural cialis where the largest market is. eCar insurers have struck out with several websites and cover cars, order vans, ask homes, couriers, company cars and motorcycles. Each product has it’s own website and the number of discounts and special deals are extensive enough to become almost confusing. Firstly they not only offer no claims discount protection but they do not have a limit on the number of claims you can make under a protected policy that would cause you to lose it. Once you hit 5 years no claims bonus it is wow it's great cialis from india protected for the lifetime of your policy with e-Car. Of course, any claim will be registered and if you intend to switch insurers at any point don’t be so sure that your next insurer will accept the protected no claims bonus number of years you had with e Car if you have made some claims.

You can cover up to 4 cars on one policy too, a first for personal car cover as far as we are aware, plus you can have up to 4 named drivers on a multi-car policy. Such policies would certainly prove substantial savings for people who would normally have to take out individual policies on each. How a no claims bonus works across all four cars is not explained in great detail so it may be advisable to ask before going ahead.

They also offer a PAYG (pay-as-you-go), not to cialis and diarrhea'>cialis and diarrhea be confused with PAYD (pay-as-you-drive), car insurance service where you pay month to month and can cancel cover at any time. Check the website for more details. With this service comes eCars rapid discount accelerator which gives you a year’s worth of no claims bonus for every eight months of i use it buy cialis online claim free pay as you go cover. This means that after only forty months you could have earned up to 5 years no-claims with them which then gives you that no claims bonus guarantee. They allow you to transfer any no claims that you’ve earned under company car or motorcycle cover, but they only recognise transferred no claims discounts from policy holders, not named drivers with other insurers. With each eCar car insurance policy you get free breakdown recovery assistance for roadside repairs, home breakdown, vehicle recovery and onward travel.

Most of the deals available with their motor insurance are available on their other products such as eVan commercial vehicle insurance and eBike motorcycle insurance. For example, with e-Van you again can have up to four drivers on a single policy with four different vehicles. Again there is the pay as you go insurance option and you still get the accelerated no claims bonus i.e. a year added for every eight months use of the policy with no claiming (see for full details). The guaranteed no claims discount for life promise also applies here but again that will probably only be recognised by e Van themselves just as the accelerated no claims bonus will. All of eGroup’s insuring products began with eBike which was the look there cialis 20mg first internet only insurer for motorbikes hosted at eBikes insurances are set up exactly the same way as the others with the same benefits and discounts, but unlike their car and van levitra prescription'>levitra prescription insurances you can insure your classic motorbike with e-Bike.

As usual for any company who dives in to the insuring market, branching out happens quickly. It probably raised questions about the initial branding choice as eCar during the board meeting where additional products such as eHome Insurance (, eLife Insurance ( and their various business insuring options, such as, were hammered out. But, rather than switch brands, or create a dozen subsidiaries like RBS enjoy doing, eCar have stuck with their name and site branding.

As with most internet only insurers there is not a lot of information to go on when researching whether they are a good insurer or not as they have only been around for a couple of years. Created by a company called Southern Rock (any relation?) that is based in Gibraltar we don’t even have the track record of a big UK financial backer to point to for any sense of the future of this service.

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  1. Miss Louise Anne Compton says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    Policy number :EC2132288RAC-LD
    3 Irwell close
    Melton Mowbray
    LE13 0EL

    I had some car Insurance with you that ended on the 1st of March 2012 and I need some documentation for my next Insurance company of 9 years no claims in writing I did not recieve any information through the post at the end of the policy and do not have any information on my e-mail system to wow it's great viagra usa print anything out. Please see my policy number above and viagra prices'>viagra prices e-mail me or send me this ASAP I would be very greatfull.

    Louise Compton

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