Gladiator Insurance Services is the website of Gladiator’s commercial insurance, which is the fourth specialist brand launched by the Admiral Group. They have been operation since April 1998 and available online since 2004 selling van insurance on behalf of a panel of insurers. You can receive an instant quote through the website and cheapest prices on cialis Gladiator insurance brokers will search for the cheapest van insurance for your particular needs from a panel of top UK insurance companies. Although an online quote is straightforward, there are many things that Gladiators will have taken into consideration, which influence the wow look it cost of van insurance.

The weight of your vehicle is an important factor and a small van will cost less to insure than a large one. This is because insurers are aware that a driver will have more control over a smaller van try it and expect fewer accidents. Gladiator van insurance, like car insurance, also considers whether you live in a city where you will more likely to encounter hazards than if you live rurally. Your age and that of your vehicle will also have been considered.

The Gladiator website not only offers to find you a lower price for your private or commercial van insurance, but also flexible payment options, voluntary excesses and full No Claims Bonus protection. You can also have your no claims bonus matched to that of your car.

If you are a running a business this website will try to find competitively priced insurance for all your needs. These include insurance for couriers, public and employers liability, tools cover and goods in transit protection. The tools cover insures all your working materials and tools whilst they are in your van provided you lock all doors and the steering when you are not using your van.

Liability insurance takes away some of the stress when you are running a business and Gladiator offer a package designed around your needs. Public liability covers you and your business against any loss or damage you may cause to a customer, or their property. Employers Liability is a legal requirement, so is essential if you have others working for you. This type of insurance ensures that you can pay damages to your employees if they sustain an injury at work.

Gladiator has also teamed up with Bike Insurer Services Ltd to provide motorbike insurance. This can save you time shopping around as you can choose the cover you require and compare prices on the website. Insurance can be arranged for all types of motorbikes including mopeds, trikes, cruisers and sports bikes. If you only want third party insurance it is available – if not you have the option of third party fire and theft or fully comprehensive. All Gladiator motorbike insurances include free legal expenses cover.

As Gladiator are part of the Admiral Group you can also buy insurance for your private car, as well as your commercial vehicle on this website. Discounts are usually available for online purchases. Being part of a large group of insurers makes it easy for you to find home insurance via the gladiator website, as there is a link to their partners

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