These days as we take on more and more responsibilities such as credit cards, mortgages, car finance and more, insuring the financial future of your family with a life insurance policy is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Of course, a mortgage provider will insist that you take out at least enough life insurance to cover the cost of repaying the loan and they will always have their own products to sell to you. If you are looking for something more to leave behind or are just looking for more cost effective cover you can opt to protect your life with another insurer. There are many different companies to choose from but only two real types of insuring – one to pay off your mortgage should you die before you have paid it off yourself and the other to leave a fixed lump sum to your loved ones. Compare Insurance Quotes >>

No. Insurance Company Price Speed of Processing Claims Customer Service Overall
£1.00 24/7
£1.00 24/7
£1.00 Business Days Only
£1.00 Business Days Only
£1.00 Online only
  • EU delays new regulation for Life Insurers

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  • Endsleigh Insurance Services

    Endsleigh insurance services is one of the most comprehensive companies we have come across when it comes to that all-in-one insurer search. They cover every thing from your car to your pet to your kids musical instruments whilst at university. Although not ... » Get a Quote

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  • eCar Life Insurance

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  • Virgin Insurance Life Insurance

    The Virgin brand seems to be taking over the world these days and is likely to spread even further when Virgin Galactic takes up its first space tourist. However, at $200,000 a ticket, none of us are in the queue. Virgin Money at www.virginmoney. ... » Get a Quote

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Terminal illness cover is sometimes an option with these policies but the obvious benefits when looking at the latest statistics has made it compulsory for most mortgage insuring products. There won’t be much to pick over when deciding who to insure with as what is being covered is buy viagra in canada no prescription pretty standard, the only real decision lies in how much to insure for and therefore how much your premiums are going to be. Many believe that their life is already insured due to the wording on look there other insurances such as car insurance. Certainly if you are killed in a car accident your dependents will get money, but the amounts range from only ?5,000 to ?10,000. If you are the victim of violent crime you might expect more compensation but your dependents will receive practically the same amounts. If you are looking to ensure your family’s financial future when you are gone then five thousand pounds isn’t going to cut it. †

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