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The name is well known and canadian drugs cialis long established in the insurance services industry but the recent facelift seems to have done wonders for this stalwart and should now appeal to a much broader section of UK car drivers. Curious as to why they didn’t go the whole hog and adopt themselves an animal whilst re-branding, with all the ordering cialis'>ordering cialis nodding dogs, parrots and elephants out there maybe there weren’t any good ones left? But you will most likely be looking for the discounts – car insurance comes with up to 75% no claims discount which is the magic figure we love but sometimes there is no discount for buying online which makes them seem a little stingy compared to viagra next day delivery nearly all other insurers. You can also have the option of look here viagra from india no claims bonus protection if you have four or more years no claims.

We did get a little lost in regards to their women’s and senior’s insurance sections. There is a large number of people looking for personalised savings with the two major areas being insurance for women and insuring the over 50s. Liverpool Victoria have sections under their car insurance information about insuring female drivers and fifty plus drivers but they don’t seem to offer any extra discount just for fitting into either of those categories, it just seems to give the reasons as to why you might get a cheaper quote by fitting into those categories. The same applies to their young driver’s section though their misspelling of the word love as LVE on the adverts seems to have sparked their interest with ‘Luv Insurance’ now popping up in our search facility!

Liverpool Victorias home insurance comes with a discount when you buy your policy online with plenty of options to tailor your cover so that you only pay for what you actually need. Pet insurance comes with an online purchase discount also, with two levels of cover to choose from depending on the level of vet fees you want to protect yourself from. Their pet insurances have no upper age limit and you get access to 4 helplines. We were most impressed with the individual benefits pages for each product they insured. For car, home and online viagra pet cover they have a large table with all the major things you would think of being covered for clearly listed and explained. A far cry from the legal-jargon packed PDFs we’ve seen on look there viagra online sales most insurer’s sites.

Founded in 1843, Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society Limited does not have any shareholders and together with its subsidiary companies the Society is buy discount viagra an insurance and financial services business in the United Kingdom. They offer a broad range of products and services including savings, investments, life insurance, home and motor insurance, credit cards and financial advice. The move from LiverpoolVictoria to the new branded LV= (which should look like LVE on the logo) does stand next to the brightly coloured insurers of the new cyber age well whilst still remaining business like. The style is more old fashioned so don’t expect to be able to manage your account in a few clicks and expect to still have to put pen to paper on most occasions throughout the life of your policy – but by all accounts that is what many people are still looking for in an insurer.

It is unconfirmed just how much LV spent on the domain name, though the budget for the total rebrand was round about the two million mark. Luckily for them, the domain doesn’t exist (can’t have a two letter web address for UK websites) which at least kept the expense halved! Their old haunts still work such as and, though now they redirect you to usefull link levitra generic the fancy new branding – well, you have to get your money’s worth. As always, be wary of attempting to just type the web address in as even slight variations can get you into places you don’t want to go with many being owned by firms other than LV (such as if you read their logo wrong). A search function or bookmarking is the best way to go with a company brand like this one.

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  1. John Smith says:

    Liverpool Victoria’s travel insurance quote form starts by asking for details of past claims, which is not standard. It also lists caveats about pre-existing medical conditions before it will give you a quote. The “address finder” part of the form was slow. But despite these drawbacks, the quote it gave me for a two-week trip to Europe was the second lowest I”ve found anywhere, so I might consider using them as the brand is a better known one. Though I was confused about the “online discount” that my quote supposedly included, since it didn”t tell me how much of buy fioricet'>buy fioricet a discount I was getting.

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