Sometimes it feels like we’re held to ransom in the local vets, with a free national health service we get used to vaccinations, x-rays and even just consultations being free so when the bills start mounting up to the hundreds for even the smallest of conditions it feels like a very unexpected dent to our finances. Pet insurance won’t always help with the little regular things but certainly it can help with the bigger burdens should your pet be the adventurous or clumsy type! Watch out for whether the amount you are insuring for is ‘per year’, ‘per condition’ or ‘per condition per year’. Compare Insurance Quotes >>

No. Insurance Company Price Speed of Processing Claims Customer Service Overall
£1.00 24/7
£1.00 24/7
£1.00 Business Days Only
£1.00 Business Days Only
£1.00 Online only
  • Endsleigh Insurance Services

    Endsleigh insurance services is one of the most comprehensive companies we have come across when it comes to that all-in-one insurer search. They cover every thing from your car to your pet to buy viagra online in canada your kids musical instruments whilst at university. Although not ... » Get a Quote

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  • LV Liverpool Victoria Pet Insurance

    The name is well known and long established in the insurance services industry but the recent facelift seems to have done wonders for this stalwart and should now appeal to a much broader section of UK car drivers. Curious as to why they didn't go the it's cool wh ... » Get a Quote

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  • Tesco Pet Insurance

    Although they started out in food and drink, Tescos has branched out into clothing, financial services, electronics, the Internet, software, telecommunications, CD ... » Get a Quote

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  • Virgin Insurance Pet Insurance

    The Virgin brand seems to be taking over the world these days and is likely to spread even further when Virgin Galactic takes up its first space tourist. However, at $200,000 a ticket, none of us are in the queue. Virgin Money at www.virginmoney. ... » Get a Quote

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  • Debenhams Insurance Pet Insurance

    Although known mainly as a high street retailer, with 145 stores across the UK and Ireland, Debenhams has, like several other store companies, expanded into the insurance market. The company's products are featured on various websites (such as w ... » Get a Quote

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  • JLT Insurance Pet Insurance

    As a provider of 'virtual insurance solutions (possibly meaning they insure Tron's bike races) JLT Online offers a range of specialist policies that puts it firmly into the niche market. It started life as Pavilion Insurance in 1997 with a single pro ... » Get a Quote

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  • Asda Pet Insurance is the website owned and operated by ASDA Stores Limited, (part of Wal-Mart Inc.) Though website was first registered in November 2000, Asda Insurance didn't kick off until 2004 when Asda announced they were going to promote life insurance ... » Get a Quote

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  • The AA Pet Insurance

    TheAA Insurance is part of the Automobile Association, a company that offers services to motorists including loans, breakdown recovery, car insurance, motoring advice, travel insurance, route planning the list goes on. Although the AA has a h ... » Get a Quote

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  • PetPlan Pet Insurance is the website of Pet plan pet insurance who for more than thirty years have been offering specialist insurance for domestic pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and even exotic pets. Petplan insurance knows that we all need different th ... » Get a Quote

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  • Argos Pet Insurance

    Argos Insurance offers home, car, pet, travel and only here credit card insurance all available direct from their website where you will find various discounts to cialis pfizer provide you with a competitive insurance quote, as well as the get levitra now-customary discount for buying online. ... » Get a Quote

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  • Halifax Pet Insurance

    The Halifax Bank of Scotland adverts have entertained us and made us cringe and their cross-branding can get confusing at times but these days with everyone and their dog (no offence Churchill) able to start up an internet based insurance company many are t ... » Get a Quote

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  • More Than Pet Insurance

    The deals keep coming so fast with MoreTh>n that by the time you've finished reading this More Th>n will have thought up a different deal to the one your reading about now. Currently with MoreThan car insurance you can get one month's free cover in the fi ... » Get a Quote

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  • Direct Line Pet Insurance

    Launched as the UK's first telephone insurer in 1985, the company's distinctive logo of a red telephone on recommended site wheels emphasised what it was all about. The 'phone has since gained a partner, in the form of a wheeled mouse, to reflect the increase in online b ... » Get a Quote

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  • Churchill Pet Insurance

    You'll either love or hate the company's nodding dog but you can hardly ignore it. And it has made Churchill one of the best-known insurance brands. The dog, apparently, resulted from a staff competition and the early advertisements featured a real bulldog. ... » Get a Quote

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  • M&S Pet Insurance

    Getting insured by M & S certainly appears to be a far cry from the Asda and Tesco offerings. As opposed to simply offering no frills off the shelf insuring products, Marks & Spencers want to be taken seriously with their financial services and attempt to g ... » Get a Quote

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  • Post Office Pet Insurance

    The Post Office's reach has continued to usefull link expand over the years becoming a one stop shop for all things relating to life in the UK from home phone lines to insurers to broadband (the less said about the Westlife ads the i use it better though). Car insurance from th ... » Get a Quote

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  • Aviva Pet Insurance

    The group is the world's fifth largest insurance provider, with over 50 million customers in 28 countries, and is the largest insurance service provider in the UK. It is also Europe's leading provider of life and pension products. The current group wa ... » Get a Quote

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  • Cardif Pinnacle Pet Insurance

    Formed in 1971 as Pinnacle Insurance Company Ltd, the general insurer was absorbed into the giant French banking group BNP Paribas in 1991, before re-branding itself Cardif Pinnacle in 2005. Operating from its UK headquarters in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, ... » Get a Quote

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None of us ever want to think about having to make that awful decision should the price of an operation being outwith our financial reach. For most this is the great peace of mind that comes with insuring your pet against the unknown. Certainly the media has played its role in making people afraid of various renown breeds of dog but even the little ones can give a nasty nip when frightened or even by accident. These days it is more and more common for people to sue dog owners for any injuries their animal causes and with an injury such as muscle damage or permanent scarring compensation settlements can be quite intimidating so having public liability cover when insuring your pet is paramount. †

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