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For people living with cancer, travel insurance presents some decisions which shouldn’t be taken lightly. People with certain types of cancer may be fit to travel, and are at little added risk of falling ill while on a holiday. Yet most travel insurance packages will automatically decline insurance for cancer patients, or exclude claims arising from that condition.

But there are some insurers who have developed travel insurance offers for people with pre-existing medical conditions. One of them is the SAGA, the UK group that provides travel and order viagra online canada'>order viagra online canada other services for people over 50. Saga’s website says “we aim to provide comprehensive cover for all of our customers” and does not offer the option of excluding a medical condition. It points out that while some insurers do offer this option, in the event of a claim “all bills would have to be funded by you and these can become very expensive in overseas hospitals and clinics. The British Consulate or Foreign & Commonwealth Office is unable to help with medical costs if you are unable to pay yourself”. Saga also notes that the European Health Insurance Card is not a substitute for illness insurance under a travel policy.

Another option is provided by Medi Travelcover Ltd, which specializes in insurance coverage for cancer sufferers. Although not one of the buy cialis online without a prescription'>buy cialis online without a prescription big names in insurance, this organization was recognized as Insurer of the Year for 2005/6 at the International Travel Insurance Conference in Seville, Spain, and in 2007 was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. Their policies are developed in cooperation with a German underwriter, Union Reiseversicherung AG.

On their website,, Medi Travelcover list dozens of examples of cancer sufferers who have been insured under their policies, including many who have had procedures such as chemotherapy and bone marrow transplants. The company has been particularly successful in providing insurance for children suffering from cancer.

What’s the procedure for a cancer patient applying for travel insurance? A routine quote for insurance is handled by a computer; in the case of pre-existing medical conditions, there is almost always an evaluation to be made that involves an individual assessment of medical records. So expect to be asked to provide these. Some people may find the evaluation process difficult and even intrusive, but it’s important to cooperate with the company’s representative, and to answer all questions truthfully and fully. A less-than-honest declaration could be disastrous in the event of a claim.

The best way to prepare is to discuss your travel plans with your doctor before booking or applying for insurance. Choose your holiday destination and length of stay realistically. Destination is a factor in the risk rating of your medical coverage – warns that travel to the US, Canada, the Caribbean Islands, Spain or Cyprus can be difficult to insure as these destinations have some of the highest medical costs in the world. Greater distances from the UK also push up the price of emergency repatriation, which is usually by chartered aircraft.

If offered insurance, you will probably be quoted a higher premium, to cover the greater risk that insurance company is taking. But most advisors recommend accepting the higher premium – peace of mind is a factor in enjoying your holiday.

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